Aimee’s true awakening in yoga came through the practice of Embodied Flow with Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons. Deeply enriched by the teachings of Saiva Tantra, it felt like a homecoming, an incredible map towards the discovery of her true nature – the deepest promise of yoga.

“We have the same technology the ancient yogis had in their pursuit of self realisation: our bodies. Practising yoga dissolves boundaries, and connects us to nature, other beings and with Consciousness itself. We move from the suffering created by misperceptions, to the truth of our profound relationship with life.” 


It is Aimee’s experience that yoga is so much more than an individual pursuit to master poses. It's the catalyst for an upshift in our awareness as individuals, pouring back into the unified whole as a service to humanity.  

Aimee’s classes are imbued with her training in embryology and its influence on movement and her continuing study of Saiva Tantra with Paul Muller-Ortega and Christopher Wallis. Most recently Aimee has trained with Mark Breadner and continues to be mentored by him. She is passionate about sharing the science of yoga she has learnt under his guidance.

Aimee teaches group yoga classes at BodyMindLife and Egg of the Universe in Sydney, Australia. She is also available for media events, workshops and retreats, and private and bespoke experiences.