An actor, writer and teacher, Aimee discovered yoga at drama school and it made her want to run – or cry. Challenged and uncomfortable, she struggled through some of the most confronting experiences of herself that she’d ever encountered, exposed to the barriers separating her from living a true and authentic life.

She dove into study and training, feeling waves of evolution that transcended pride and ego, leaving her in a constant state of wonder, humility and growth.


“Yoga isn’t the guarantee of an eternally sunny life but it gives you the courage to be IN IT. To be in the practice, in the incredible body you’ve been gifted, in your life – colourful, painful and delightful all at once.”   

Aimee’s relationship with yoga has taught her to take time, even when things are hellish, to pause, soften and delight in being. She is passionate about inviting others to do the same.